Henna Mantere.

Henna Mantere is a Master of Arts graduated from the University of Lapland. She is a designer whose main material is textiles. Mantere is known for her textile works as well as her interior decoration textiles such as the ones designed for Jokipiin Pellava. Mantere has her roots deep in the Ostrobothnian soil: her home and her atelier – renovated into an old cow shed – are located in Lapua on grounds that her ancestors have lived upon ever since the 16th Century.
For Mantere, one of the most significant teachers has been Business Counselor (honourary title) Päivikki Palosaari whose company ‘Hullu Poro’ Mantere did some of her training in: what started off as project studies later evolved into "extensive studies of life and aesthetics ". Mantere has made a number of textile pieces and design commissions for Levi, such as the curtain at the Hullu Poro Arena.
Henna is a "material based artist". An attraction to folklore-like textiles drew her to Finnish traditions and natural materials as early as in her childhood. This relationship only deepened during her studies. A year as an exchange student in Scotland liberated her and set her free of prejudice: at the University of Dundee Constructed Textiles department genuine silk and plastic bags harmoniously mixed into a single knit. The Frost lamps made of synthetic materials and the pieces made of natural materials reveal an immediate connection: the will to study the qualities of the material and to shape it on its own terms.


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